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DynoEquip is the authorized distributor of Germany AKH motors and dynamometers with relevant after-sales services and technical support. For more information regarding AKH authorization, please email DynoEquip or AKH headquarter in Germany. Since 2015, DynoEquip has annually joined with Germany AKH (Antriebstechnik KATT Hessen) to participate the Automotive Testing Expo China in Shanghai. DynoEquip colleagues and Germany AKH sales manager will directly explain the applications and characteristics of AKH motors.

Germany AKH motors have a wide range of dynamometer and test bench applications in Europe, United States, Asia and China. AKH motors series have different cooling methods which are suitable for different project needs. AKH motors series include air-cooled motors, water-cooled motors, water-air-cooled motors (air-cooled motors using heat exchanger or water-cooled motors with small fans which can be switched off during operation).



AKH motors distributor


The following is the Germany AKH official website link which describes the joint exhibition with DynoEquip.


The Automotive Testing Expo is held every year in Stuttgart, Germany, India, Korea, China and the United States. Shanghai’s exhibition is very large comparing with other places. The visitor amount is the highest as well. The China market is very important for AKH’s expansion on the test bench motor.

In addition, this can be measured by the considerable share of sales of all Germany automotive manufactures in China. The importance of Chinese automotive makers has increased significantly too. The goal of the exhibition is to make use Europe outstanding brand position to promote AKH as an important motor manufacturer in China for high technology test bench.

Another decisive advantage is that AKH joining with WEG Group so that AKH can provide high quality after-sales service to Chinese customers. AKH has hold the meeting with China Nantong after-sales service team and coordinated all necessary procedures. For the 3 days exhibition, a lot of good visitors has met in AKH booth. AKH partner DynoEquip did an excellent job for explaining AKH motors to Chinese visitors.

We have received certain amount of new enquiries. Even we cannot estimate the final orders due to these enquiries, our current conclusion is very positive. As a result, AKH has planned to attend Automotive Testing Expo China in Shanghai next year.


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Germany AKH motors have very special motor cooling method with patent. Comparing with other well-known brands of Germany motor or dynamometer, AKH motors generally have very high power density, i.e. dimensions can be smaller (small shaft height) with higher power and torque. AKH’s mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers have joined hand to develop on low inertia and ultra-high speed asynchronous motor with their professionalism.

Germany AKH motors quality is higher than other motor brands which other European suppliers cannot catch up easily. In response to the next generation vehicle development, including plug-in hybrid vehicle and especially electric vehicle which has rapid development in China, the demand on high-torque motor with ultra-high-speed is increasing. To meet the testing for research and development needs on energy saving vehicles, AKH has developed the high-speed synchronous motor. Also due to the development of next generation powertrain, the automotive transmission is more stringent than ever before.

The new high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor has an ultra-small size. This AKH drive motor is particularly suitable for powertrain test bench which the transmission input shaft and output shaft distance is very short.

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