Motor dynamometer, transient dynamometer


Test applications for motor dynamometer cover automotive production and development, aviation, aerospace, military and scientific research. DynoEquip provides electric motor dyno testing for aerospace and aircraft motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor and automotive high speed electric motor, also for industrial electric tools, home appliances, starter, fan, electric pump, blower and traction motor.

Motor dynamometer performance testing requires benchmark of motor performance at various temperatures and loads. The durability test of electric motor ensures that the motor is designed for the calculated usage time period to simulate long-term motor service life. The simpliest motor test method is to withstand different loads and maintain the relatively constant speed. There are also motor that needs to be tested in varying torque and speed environments to understand the motor load effects.

DynoEquip are striving to enable customers for electric motor and powertrain product development with the requirements of quick, effective manner and good price. With using DynoEquip dynamometer and our strong engineering capabilities, we support customers on product improvement in regard to functionality, durability, reliability and quality.


AC dynamometer



Nowadays, the product development time is shrinking while the complexity of testing is increasing. The requirements for test bench and dynamometer are becoming more stringent as well. The dynamometer is the most important component of the test cell and needs to be exposed to the worst working conditions for testing activities.

For the next generation of electric motor, engine and powertrain, customers need the highest performance dynamometer which should be very reliable and equipped with precision measurements. The test bench using asynchronous motor or permanent magnet synchronous motor is the best way to meet these requirements.


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E-motor dynamometer



With the DynoEquip e-motor dynamometer, user can easily test the electric motors and their electronic control. The motor specifications can be identified and the motor can be tested under operational conditions.

The vehicle condition can be completely simulated by using load machines and a cooling system. Climate chamber can be the option. The test bench control is intuitive to use. The test can be started both manually and in self-programmed automatic mode.


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E-motor and motor controller EMC test with motor dynamometer


DynoEquip offers the solutions on electromagnetic compatibility tests for electric vehicle e-drive systems and other high voltage electronic appliances. The laboratory specializes in loading and testing EMC performance of the motor and motor controller. The EMC test system also carries out comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility test for battery electronic control. The test content covers various working conditions, including battery pack charging and discharging cycle, motor cycle working condition, the component working conditions for charging device, etc.

The anechoic chamber is a good solution to the shielding performance and background noise, meeting the EMC test requirements of almost all motors and motor controllers.

The high voltage DC power supply system in the laboratory is equipped with corresponding high voltage LISN, high voltage power supply filter and high voltage protection settings. The motor dynamometer is equipped with motor and motor controller cooling system as well. The anechoic chamber is specially designed with the constant temperature cooling circulation system which solves the problem of heat dissipation of the test samples and test equipment.


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Small motor dynamometer



The small motor dynamometer offers user the possibility to test a test motor and record the required measurement data. The system contains the control unit for power distribution, safety circuit and visualization of the system condition. The test cell and the control unit are separate and connected with plug connections. The interfaces and connector types can be individually adapted to user ideas.

The small motor dynamometer allows user to interrupt the test at any time to inspect and document the condition of the test motor. A CAN / LIN control, CAN data base K-matrix and / or LIN matrix can be imported. The remaining bus simulation simulates the missing signals for error-free communication of test motor.


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High speed dynamometer for 160,000 rpm



This ultra high speed test stand can well test high speed electric spindle, fuel cell air compressor or centrifugal hydrogen fuel cell compressor, electric supercharger, small turbo compressor, aviation turbocharger, ultra high speed electric drives and vacuum cleaner turbocharger.

The test stand features a control and safety system for sophisticated cooling and lubrication equipment. Along with vibration analysis to ensure stable test rig operation over the entire operating range.


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Hybrid or electric vehicle driveline and powertrain test bench


New advanced powertrain technologies will be more aggressively in the new. The complexity of powertrain is increased. For delivery vehicles and busses in the urban areas, inner-city delivery trucks including light and heavy duty commercial vehicle, electrification is the trend in the way forward. Electrified powertrain system includes different forms of hybrid or battery electric. Combinations as well include using internal combustion engine with alternative fuels or e-fuels, and the usage of fuel cell. With connecting the virtual high precision simulation models and the real development environment tests, OEMs can speed up the development process of powertrain technologies and optimize the results.

Compact, reliable and efficient components are very essential for the electrified powertrain system. The components of electric drive, including battery and battery management system, e-motor and power-electronics, electric e-axle etc. should perform different types of testing under real operational conditions in order to continuously increase the efficiency of powertrain. The vehicle powertrain testing solutions for pure electric, battery electric, hybrid or with fuel cell is provided.


DynoEquip provides the driveline and powertrain test bench with innovative mechanical fixtures. They offer a multitude of adjustments that can be easily made by the operator based on the types of test articles being tested. Some of these fixtures include:

  • Adjustable motor bases that can be moved in the x, y and z directions.
  • Adjustable axle stands that can be raised up and down and have angular adjustments to set the desired pinion angles.
  • Tilt and roll transmission or motor reducer test fixtures that allow for +/-50° of tilt or 360° of roll. The angular changes are automated and can be adjusted while a test is running.
  • Telescopic and height adjustable shafting guards that can be fully adjusted with basic hand tools.
  • Custom thermal enclosures that bolt to the test article fixtures to allow for remote air conditioning.


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